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The Shakespeare Equestrian Collection



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“Shakespeare in the Saddle” by Long Rider artist Katie Cooper. The use of this specially commissioned and copyrighted image is prohibited without prior written permission. Any violation will be strictly and immediately enforced.

The Long Riders’ Guild Academic Foundation would like to thank the dedicated academics, impassioned amateur scholars, inquisitive librarians and equestrian artists whose contributions inspired the creation of this singular anthology.

The Origins of the Shakespeare Equestrian Collection

Academic Articles

An Illustrated Biography of William Shakespeare by Charles Cattermole and CuChullaine O'Reilly

Altering a Race of Jades - Horse Breeding and Geohumoralism in Shakespeare by Ian MacInnes

Arcite's Horsemanship by MacDonald Jackson

Caparisoned like the Horse - Tongue and Tail in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew by LaRue Love Sloan

Enobarbus on Horses – in Anthony and Cleopatra by Gordon N. Ross

Flying Horse in Henry V by Haldeen Braddy

Hollow Men and False Horses by Sydney J. Krause

Horse as Cultural Icon by Peter Edwards, Karl Enenkel & Elspeth Graham

Horse for Richard III by Stephen Derry

Horses and Hermaphrodites: Metamorphoses in The Taming of the Shrew by Jeanne Addison Roberts

Horses and Women in the Taming of the Shrew by Joan Hartwig

Horses of Hamlet by Mordecai Gorelik 

Horses in Macbeth by Bert States 

Horsemanship in Shakespeare's Second Tetralogy by Robert Watson 

How Many Horses has Sonnet 51 by MacDonald Jackson 

Lady and her Horse Keeper by Richard Levin 

Lear's Soiled Horse by David Blythe 

More Ladies and their Horse Keepers by Richard Levin 

My Kingdom for a Horse by Paulo Cericei 

My Kingdom for a Horse by Ceri Sullivan 

Shakespeare and the Post-Horses - A New Study of The Merry Wives of Windsor by J. Crofts

Shakespeare in the Saddle by Mark Moran and Anjali Saini 

Shakespeare on Horseback by Charles Edward Flower 

Shakespeariana and Horses by Unknown 

Shakespeare's Horses - An Illustrated History of Equine Actors by CuChullaine O’Reilly

Think when we talk of Horses by Gregory Dornan

 Equestrian References

Bard Film

History on Horseback

Shakespeare: Horses and Horsemanship

Shakespeare’s horses: nags, jades and steeds, or wonders of nature

Shakespeare Online

The Tudor Dynasty

The Tudor Horse

Victorian Illustrated Shakespeare Archive

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