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Notes to "Straight from the Horse's Mouth:  Hopkins, Hidalgo and Hollywood"

1. Chief Frank Fools Crow was born either in 1889 or 1890, he passed away prior to Fusco getting the green light for Thunderheart (November 27,1989). The Thunderheart film was released in 1992, three years after Fools Crow’s death.

2. Viggo Mortensen interview with Wilson Morales.  Mortensen discussed how Midthunder’s mother had related the Hopkins’ story to Midthunder. Mortensen also made reference to the 94-year old woman who did not speak English and knew the Hopkins story. March 2004, “Hidalgo: An Interview with Viggo Mortensen by Wilson Morales”. Features accessed March 21, 2007.

3. Leo Pard aka Leo Chasing Buffalo was referred to in several newsprint interviews given by Viggo Mortensen and John Fusco. Angelique Midthunder was the translator Leo Pard told the Hidalgo story to and eventually this translation will be posted on Fusco’s website. See Appendix A for the translation.

4. Angelique Midthunder writes in a letter directed to the LA Times that children of the Northern Plains Tribes have been told the story of Hidalgo for generations. Viggo Mortensen is credit in his interview with Wilson Morales as saying “…This guy Leo, who runs with buffalo, a older gentleman from Montana – he’s one of several individuals, different tribes, families that don’t know each other, different language groups, everything else, who speak about the same person.”

5. Fusco stated the following in response to not finding Frank T. Hopkins within the Buffalo Bill Museum database. Fusco claimed he had seen the family scrapbooks of a man named, Pete Lemley, another contemporary of Hopkins’ and member of Buffalo Bill’s Congress of Rough Riders of the World. Fusco says this scrapbook contained programs listing Lemley as a performer in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West – although the museum’s researchers found no evidence he was in the show, either. People who knew Lemley knew Hopkins according to Fusco.  Dixie Reid, “The true story – maybe” Sacramento Bee. Sunday Metro Final Edition. February 29, 2004: TK26 Cover Story.



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