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Bicyclist caught Runaway Horse

Rode a Half-Mile Race to Save the Life of a Little Child

Far Rockaway, L. I., April 21.  - An exciting race took place here this afternoon between a runaway horse owned by J. W. Willetts, a baker, and Ray Wells, a sixteen-year-old telegraph messenger.  Wells was mounted on his bicycle.  In the wagon was the baker's three-year-old child.

The horse started to run while Mr. Willets was in a house delivering goods.  The swaying and jolting of the wagon threw the child over on the seat and the little one hung almost half over the side.  Young Wells was on his way to deliver a message when he heard the shouts of the persons pursuing the horse.  Leaning over the handle bar of his wheel he started after the runaway.  The boy is an expert bicyclist, and after a race of over half a mile he got a little ahead of the runaway.

As the latter flew by him, Wells sprang and caught the tailboard of the wagon.  Two flour barrels prevented the boy from springing into the wagon.  He held on with one hand, and with the other tipped one of the barrels out into the roadway.  Then he climbed in the wagon, and, taking the child in his arms, seized the reins with both hands.  After a hard struggle he succeeded in stopping the horse, just as it was making a sharp turn into Nostrand Avenue.

When the panting crowd came up, young Wells was trying to soothe the crying child.  He was showered with praise for his bravery.  After handing the little one to its father, he remounted his bicycle, that had been brought up to where he had stopped the horse, and started to deliver his message.  The New York Times, April 22, 1894.

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