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Voices of Authority

Here is the list of people who have participated

Professor Emeritus Harold Barclay is an anthropologist at the University of Alberta and an expert on the role of the horse in man’s culture.

Professor John Borneman is a professor of anthropology at Princeton University who wrote the ground-breaking study of tribalism in the North American equestrian community.

Professor Richard Bulliet is a Professor of History at Columbia University and the author of a unique study on the effects on horses in the post-domestic world.

Dr. Ruth Carter is a Professor of International Studies at Georgia College and State University, who teaches a course on the history of the Silk Road, including its equestrian influences and events.

Neil Clarkson is the innovative New Zealand equestrian journalist who owns and operates Horse Talk, the world’s largest daily equine news website.

Professor Gus Cothran is a landmark researcher of equine genomics at Texas A&M University.

Professor David Dorondo is a Professor of History at Western Carolina University, who is running the first university course on “The horse in European history”.  Two of the LRG-AF titles are text books for this course.

John Eisenberg is a renowned sports reporter who authored the book, The Great Match Race, which documents the most important equestrian event in early 19th century North American history.

Dr. Richard Harington is a vertebrate paleontologist and Curator Emeritus at the Canadian Museum of Nature, who has investigated the ancient Yukon horse.

Jeremy James is the Welsh equestrian author and Long Rider who undertook pioneering research into the role of the horse in the Ottoman Empire before writing the historically accurate book, The Byerley Turk.  He is also the author of Saddletramp and Vagabond.

Dr. Pita Kelekna is a cultural anthropologist, whose book The Horse in Human History documents initial horse domestication on the steppes c. 4000 BC and subsequent impact of the horse on world culture, not only in military and economic spheres, but also in art, religion, literature, and the rapid dissemination of revolutionary ideas and technologies.

Emma Kurrels is the British undercover equestrian investigator and social reformer whose work is regularly published on the Voices for Horses news website.

Dr. Victor Mair is an authority on ancient Chinese and Iranian cultures, and has spent nearly two decades leading an international investigation of the Tarim Basin mummies.

Lieutenant-Colonel Louis DiMarco, LTC, USA (Retired), teaches military history at the US Army’s Staff College and is an expert on the history of the horse in war.  Author of War Horse:  A History of the Miltiary Horse and Rider.

Roman Nitze is an American equestrian researcher who uncovered startling new evidence regarding the role of the Polish cavalry against the German Panzer Corps in September 1939.

Michael North is an author who documented the economic impact on the United States and European Union in regards to the American ban on horse slaughter for human consumption.

Susan O'Hara Bates organized a unique educational program designed to teach elementary veterinary medicine to Latin American grooms.

Dr. Sandra Olsen is an archaeozoologist at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History who has studied equine domestication at Botai, Kazakhstan.

CuChullaine O'Reilly  is an Equestrian Explorer, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Explorers' Club, one of the Founders of The Long Riders' Guild, Director of the LRG-AF, publisher of the LRG Press and author of Khyber Knights.

Dr. Alan Outram is the senior lecturer in archaeology at the University of Exeter, who is studying the domestication of the horse.

Marie-Laure Peretti is the official librarian for Cavalivres, the French equine publishing firm located in Paris.

Dr Paul J. Polechla is a professor of biology who is teaching a course on "Horses of the American West" at the University of New Mexico.

Peter Raulwing is an expert on the history and training methods of Kikkuli, the chariot horse trainer who wrote about horses during the Hittite Kingdom of 1,400 B.C.

Dr. Elaine Walker is the author of Horse (2008), a study of the horse in cultural history and part of the extensive Animal series published by Reaktion Books. She is currently working on an analysis of the seminal horsemanship manuals of William Cavendish, first Duke of Newcastle, and a new edition of his second text of 1667, both for the Long Riders' Guild Press.

Kathy Wiles is a South African equestrian medical activist who has campaigned to educate the global equestrian community on the dangers of African Horse Sickness.

Geoff Young is an equestrian activist and the publisher of Horse Connection magazine who documents cutting-edge social issues in the North American horse world.

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